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Student Life



The Bedford School believes that sports are important in building self-discipline, fostering teamwork, improving fitness, and developing character. Participating in some type of team or other extra-curricular activity not only helps students to feel a part of the school, but also gives them opportunities to develop friendships and learn new skills. 

Bedford competes with several other small, private schools in metro Atlanta. Our main focus is to foster friendly competition and good sportsmanship. Our philosophy includes:

    • Treat every player and every opponent with respect and dignity.

    • Set a positive example for the team and your school.

    • Be a good loser and a gracious winner.

    • Treat a game as a “game.”

Sports at The Bedford School include:


Middle School Girls Volleyball

Middle School Co-Ed Soccer

4th-8th Grade Intramural Co-Ed Soccer


Middle School Boys A-team and B-team Basketball

Middle School Girls Basketball

4th-8th Grade Intramural Co-Ed Basketball


Middle School Boys and Girls Track & Field