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Faculty & Staff

  Name Title Group
Susan Blake Blake, Susan Art Teacher Staff
Betsy Box Box, Betsy Admissions Director Business/Operations
Sheryl Burnam Burnam, Sheryl Librarian/LS English & Reading Teacher Faculty
Michelle Cannon Cannon, Michelle LS English/Math/Social Studies Teacher Faculty
Rena' Clark-Parson Clark-Parson, Rena' Facilities Staff Staff
Shelby Cramer Cramer, Shelby MS Math/MS Science Teacher Faculty
Nick Creighton Creighton, Nick Athletic Director/MS Math/LS & MS PE Teacher Faculty
Allison Day Day, Allison Associate Head of School/Principal Administration: Principal/Associate Head of School
Kristy Dickens Dickens, Kristy LS & MS English/Teacher Faculty
Lisa Fleckenstein Fleckenstein, Lisa LS Soc. Studies/Science/Reading Teacher Faculty
Caroline Freeman Freeman, Caroline MS Math/Science/PE Teacher Faculty
Sena Grunden Grunden, Sena Lead Teacher & Outplacement Coordinator/ MS Social Studies Teacher/LS Reading Teacher Faculty
Shannon Hazeltine Hazeltine, Shannon Vice Principal/LS English Teacher Administration: Vice Principal
Amy Hubbard Hubbard, Amy MS Math/Science Teacher Faculty
Jeff James James, Jeff Head of School Administration: Head of School
Danielle Johns Johns, Danielle Technology Coordinator / MS Math & Science Teacher Faculty
Kyle Johns Johns, Kyle Facilities Manager Staff
Kris Kennedy Kennedy, Kris Finance Director Business/Operations
Sheila Kewley Kewley, Sheila Speech/Language Therapist Staff
Denise Leak Leak, Denise LS Reading Teacher Faculty
Aspen Nidey Nidey, Aspen LS English/Reading/Soc. Studies Teacher Faculty
Kelley Queen Queen, Kelley Advancement Director Business/Operations
Matt Queen Queen, Matt Counselor/PE Teacher/MS Social Studies Teacher Faculty
Joan Rape Rape, Joan MS English Teacher Faculty
Bonnie Sides Sides, Bonnie Administrative Secretary Staff
Heather Smith Smith, Heather LS Math Teacher Faculty
Stephanie Trolinger Trolinger, Stephanie MS History & English Teacher Faculty
Andrew Walker Walker, Andrew Assistant Athletic Director/LS Math/LS & MS PE Teacher Faculty
Loren West West, Loren MS English Teacher Faculty
Missy Westbrook Westbrook, Missy MS Math Teacher Faculty
Cindy Wilkinson Wilkinson, Cindy LS Reading Teacher Faculty
Shanda Williams Williams, Shanda Lead Teacher & Outplacement Coordinator/MS English Teacher Faculty