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Faculty & Staff

  Name Title Group
Erica Allen Allen, Erica LS Reading Teacher Faculty
Susan Blake Blake, Susan Art Teacher Staff
Betsy Box Box, Betsy Admissions Director Business/Operations
Sheryl Burnam Burnam, Sheryl Librarian/LS English & Reading Teacher Faculty
Michelle Cannon Cannon, Michelle LS English/Math/Social Studies Teacher Faculty
Rena' Clark-Parson Clark-Parson, Rena' Facilities Staff Staff
Shelby Cramer Cramer, Shelby MS Math/MS Science Teacher Faculty
Nick Creighton Creighton, Nick Athletic Director/MS Math/LS & MS PE Teacher Faculty
Allison Day Day, Allison Associate Head of School/Principal Administration: Principal/Associate Head of School
Rebecca Dearolph Dearolph, Rebecca MS English Teacher Faculty
Rita DeNell DeNell, Rita MS Science/Social Studies Teacher Faculty
Kristy Dickens Dickens, Kristy LS & MS English/Teacher Faculty
Lisa Fleckenstein Fleckenstein, Lisa LS Soc. Studies/Science/Reading Teacher Faculty
Caroline Freeman Freeman, Caroline MS Math/Science/PE Teacher Faculty
Katy Giddens Giddens, Katy LS Math Teacher Faculty
Sena Grunden Grunden, Sena Middle School Administrator/MS Social Studies Teacher Faculty
Shannon Hazeltine Hazeltine, Shannon Vice Principal/LS English Teacher Administration: Vice Principal
Amy Hubbard Hubbard, Amy MS Math/Science Teacher Faculty
Jeff James James, Jeff Head of School Administration: Head of School
Danielle Johns Johns, Danielle Technology Coordinator / MS Math & Science Teacher Faculty
Kyle Johns Johns, Kyle Facilities Manager Staff
Kris Kennedy Kennedy, Kris Finance Director Business/Operations
Sheila Kewley Kewley, Sheila Speech/Language Therapist Staff
Denise Leak Leak, Denise LS Reading Teacher / Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Faculty
Aspen Nidey Nidey, Aspen LS English/Reading/Soc. Studies Teacher Faculty
Kelley Queen Queen, Kelley Advancement Director Business/Operations
Bonnie Sides Sides, Bonnie Administrative Secretary Staff
Heather Smith Smith, Heather LS Math Teacher Faculty
Stephanie Trolinger Trolinger, Stephanie MS History & English Teacher Faculty
Andrew Walker Walker, Andrew Assistant Athletic Director/LS Math/LS & MS PE Teacher Faculty
Loren West West, Loren MS English Teacher Faculty
Cindy Wilkinson Wilkinson, Cindy LS Reading Teacher Faculty