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"When I got to Bedford it was like seeing in color for the first time. I started making friends. I started raising my hand to answer the teachers’ questions. My classmates were just like me. We had the same problems. We went at the same pace. If someone was stuck, we didn’t make fun of them because we’d all been there. More than anything, Bedford gave me confidence I’d never had before. I went out for the soccer and the basketball team, and I did two play productions. This is where I fell in love with making movies. This is where I became me. I found myself here. Besides my family, it’s the closest thing to home I have.  

I feel like a child of Bedford. It was the third parent that built me into the young man I am today, and it does this for every student that goes here. I truly believe everyone who walks through Bedford's doors is impacted forever. It changes you.”

Jacob Burgess, film student, Georgia State University

“The young lady I walked in as and the young lady I walked out as are two completely different people. Bedford not only helped me excel academically, it gave me the confidence all girls should have. Bedford  teachers taught me everlasting values I still carry today.”

    Camille Thompson, graduate, US Air Force Academy

“What Bedford gave me was an atmosphere where I could boost my confidence and see I can achieve what others thought I never could. The lessons of perseverance and determination Bedford has taught me never fade. I have watched myself go from failure to failure multiple times but without loss of enthusiasm, and that’s why I’m one of Bedford’s many success stories.”

Erin Brainard, graduate, The George Washington University  

"The community you have is special. You all know you have a gem. Young people are respected and affirmed, faculty and staff are serving a beautiful mission, parents are seeing your children thrive in a learning community where they are valued, and Board members give of their time, talents, and treasure to advance the mission. You should all feel very proud of the community you each help shape. It is a special one. "   

Gardner Barrier, Head of School, Forsyth Country Day School in Lewisville, NC   Chairman, SAIS Accreditation Committee