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Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program




A private school education can be very expensivem especially when it's a special needs school.  The specialized material and methods, highly trained staff and small class size impact the bottom line - the tuition.

Parents of Special Needs students consider a private school as a necessity, not a luxury.


It's rare that you have the opportunity to give without having to donate any of your money.  The Georgia Educational Tax Credit makes this possible!  It costs you nothing but is a significant benefit to children with learning differences.

The Georgia Educational Tax Credit Scholarship program allows you to tell the state how you want some of your tax dollars spent.  These are dollars that you already have to pay in the form of Georgia state income taxes. 


That's what many people assume, but the State has given each of us the ability to "re-direct" a portion of the money we have to pay anyway, into a scholarship program.

The amounts are:

  • up to $1,000, if you file "single"
  • up to $2,500, if you are "Married, Filing Jointly"
  • up to 75% of your Georgia tax liability, if you have a C-Corporation
  • up to $10,000 with pass-through income, if you are members of LLC's, shareholders of S-Corps, parnters in partnerships and any non C-corps business
  • For every dollar you contribute, you get a dollar back on your taxes.


The only catch is that there is only $58 million set aside for this program state-wide.  Once that ceiling is reached, the opportunity for this year is over.  In 2014, the cap was reached by January 22.


Paperless Process (the fastest and easiest way to participate):

To participate in the paperless process, please visit the Apogee website at and follow the prompts to submit forms online.  Please note the payment and notification process are the same as the paper process as described below.

Paper Process:

1. Print and complete these forms (Apogee Authorization Form & Georgia Form IT-QEE-TPI form) and mail it to The Bedford School.  The State of Georgia will send you a letter indicating that you have been pre-approved for this credit.

2. Mail your check within 60 days.  Once you get your preapproval letter back from the state, usually within a week or two, you'll have 60 days to mail your check (made payable to "Apogee Scholarship Fund") back to The Bedford School, 5665 Milam Road, Fairburn, GA 30213.


3. Pay with credit card on Apogee website here.

After you have made your contribution, the state of Georgia will mail you a document validating your tax credit for whatever amount you contributed.  When you file your taxes for 2013 (whether the end of year or quarterly), you will receive an off-setting sredit for the amount on your 2013 State Tax Return.


  • Paying taxes is NOT optional.
  • This plan is optional.
  • If you choose not to participate, your money automatically goes to the State Treasury as income tax.
  • If you do choose to participate, your money goes to a scholarship fund that will directly benefit children with learning differences.
  • If you file quarterly, you can get your money back quickly.
  • Don't miss the opportunity.  When the $58 million cap is reached, it's over.
  • It costs you nothing and gives you the joy of making a difference!



Send your money to the State or move your money into this scholarship fund to help children with learning disabilities get the services that they need.  Once you have the pre-approval from the State, you're a part of the pre-approved $58 million.

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